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Welcome to Trio


Families in our community desire for their loved ones to live successful, independent, meaningful lives. This is where TRIO comes in. We provide these accommodations in one of our residential care homes.  Trio Transitional Housing, LLC has made it its mission to provide a loving and caring environment for our all of our residents.  We wrap our services and resources around them so our society focuses on their abilities and strengths. Our directors include a registered nurse, nurse practitioner and social worker. 


Our amenities include:

  • common areas

  • living rooms

  • washer and dryer

  • full bathrooms

  • internet

  • TV/Streaming Services


Admission Selection Procedure

Trio Transitional Housing, LLC policy is to use need as the first criteria for placement. The Group Home reserves the right to refuse service to any resident who:

  • is considered to be high risk to injure him or herself, another person, or is likely to jeopardize the program itself

  • is at high risk for suicidal or homicidal behavior

  • is exhibiting severe psychiatric symptoms that cannot be safely managed and treated with the resources available at the facility

  • is exhibiting combative behavior

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Have a question?

Email or call us for any questions you may have about our boarding and services. 

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